New Treatment! Polynucleotides!

PhilArt Polynucleotides


The newest injectable treatment for bio stimulation! Especially great for rejuvenation of the eye area.



What are they and what may they do for you?

The polynucleotides in PhilArt injectable treatments are naturally derived from freshwater fish intended for human consumption. They are tiny fragments of DNA which have been highly purified and chosen for their effects in the skin. These tiny fragments, once injected promote hydration, free radical scavenging and stimulation of our fibroblasts. They increase in the number and viability of our skins fibroblasts and so increase collagen production.

They are biostimulators!

The beauty of this product is the way it can rejuvenate our skin, especially the delicate eye area without drawing water into the area as traditional hyaluronic acid products can do.

The eye area has traditionally been an area where we have used Botulinum Toxin to treat wrinkles cause by movement of the muscles. If we have a depression in the tear trough area we can use tear trough hyaluronic acid dermal filler. We also have skin boosters such as Sunekos and NCTF at our disposal to increase hydration in this area. All of these treatments are fantastic but some may not be suitable for some people. If you have weak muscles or very lax skin in this area then some of these eye rejuvenating treatments may not be recommended for you.

PhilArt by Croma Polynucleotides may be an option for you!

Treatments are recommended every 2-3 weeks and a course of 2-4 maybe needed.

Injections are very superficial. Some transient redness, swelling and bruising may occur after treatment.

Aesthetic Nursing Services in High Wycombe is please to be offering these treatments from May 2023

PhilArt Before and After
Before and After
PhilArt hand treatment
PhilArt Hand Treatment

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More information on this product can be found on the Croma PhilArt website HERE 

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