Cheek filler

Cheek Filler

As we age, many changes happen in our bodies. Hormone levels change and our past behaviours of sun exposure, alcohol consumption and stress start to catch up with us. As these processes play out in our bodies, we may start to feel that they are showing themselves in the appearance of our skin and facial structure.

Collagen and elastin levels decrease as we age and the levels of our skins’ natural moisturiser, hyaluronic acid start to decline. Our bony support structure begins to change and the distribution of fat on our faces stars to alter.

All these changes can result in the feeling, maybe, that we look tired or sad even though we may not be either!

The structure and appearance of our cheeks play a big role in how we look as we age. What ever is happening to the middle third of the face has a huge impact on the lower third. Cheeks and cheek bones support the lower third of the face and literally hold up the tissues below.

You may decide that cheek filler is an option for you. Dermal fillers are made up of cross linked hyaluronic acid. They can be injected into different laters of the face to provide structure and support and to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Rachel Fox is a registered nurse prescriber and has been performing dermal cheek filler treatments for many years. Most cheek filler treatments will be carried out using a cannula. This is a blunt ended needle, which means that the treatment is more comfortable and the risk of bruising greatly reduced.

Dermal Filler Treatment

Products used are a high quality dermal filler. Rachel’s favourite dermal filler range is Revanesse, a Canadian manufactured product. Revanesse produces results that are natural looking and long lasting. The area to be treated will be sanitised and marked before treatment. A small amount of local anaesthetic may be used to numb the insertion of the cannula, however the procedure is usually tolerated well. Photographs will be taken before and after treatment. After treatment the area will be massaged to manipulate the product slightly. Results are instant, however the product will settle over a period of around 14 days. During this time any swelling caused by the treatment will settle, the filler will absorb some water and integrate into the surrounding tissues.

Men and Women

Treatment is for both men and women. The areas injected are slightly different for men than women. Women tend to have higher cheek bones with more projection. Men’s cheeks are flatter and lower than a women’s. It is important to understand these differences otherwise a cheek enhancement in a man may feminise the face.

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