What is the Dermalux Flex Treatment?

‘Real Results, Pain Free’

Dermalux Flex MD delivers great results and what makes it even better is it’s portable. When renting this device from us you can benefit from salon grade results in the comfort of your home.

Dermalux is the industry leading professional LED phototherapy treatment that harnesses the power of pure light for visibly rejuvenated, clearer and refined skin.

What are the benefits to the treatment?

  • LED light therapy uses light energy at different wavelengths to make improvements to your skins health
  • The Dermalux Flex MD offers red light to prompt rejuvenation in the skin = more collagen, better hydration and less inflammation
  • The blue light to denature the bacteria that prevents acne.
  • The near infrared light to reduce inflammation at a deep level, promote a sense of relaxation and stimulate bone renewal.

LED Phototherapy is now recognised as an essential skin care treatment due to its versatility and role in the foundation of skin optimisation and good skin health.


What is the cost and how does it work when using it at home? Dermalux Flex Device

This LED Light Therapy device is mostly used in clinics but is also certified for home use.

The Dermalux Flex comes with goggles, a treatment pillow and a user manual which enables you to select from 7 treatment protocols to treat a range of skin concerns including redness, pigmentation and evening out your skin tone. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes but this can be adjusted as necessary.

You can rent the device from our High Wycombe clinic for 2 weeks at a total cost of £175. Full payment is required upfront for the rental along with a refundable deposit of £120. The device will need to be returned on or before the arranged return date so it can be cleaned, checked and tested, we will then refund your deposit.

How long does the treatment last?

The results of the Dermalux Flex are cumulative which means that the duration of the results depends on the frequency you’ve used the device. If you use the device as directed, you can expect to see results last up to 3-6 months, though we advise that regular usage should maintain results.

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I’m interested, how do I find out more?

You can collect the device from our cosmetic clinic in Loudwater, High Wycombe. Please call us on 07967 710 625 or email

This is the world’s most powerful home-use LED light therapy device; clinic standard, medically certified to produce genuine results for a wide range of face and body conditions; portable and light.


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