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Retinol, what is it and why do I need to be using it?

I would say that a great skin care regimen contains 4 products or ingredients.

  1. An exfoliating cleanser or another product containing AHA or BHA to gently but regularly exfoliate the skin
  2. Vitamin C, best used in the morning to prevent against oxidative stress in the skin, to lighten and brighten the skin and boost collagen production.
  3. SPF 30+ this is an absolute must every day to protect your skin agains UV damage and the ageing process.

What does Retinol do?

Retinol is a type of Retiniod, these are all derivatives of vitamin A. Retinoids come in different strengths, the strongest being the prescription skin care product Tretinoin. Tretinoin is available on prescription from health care skin specialists. Is is the active ingredient in the Obagi NuDerm product range. It is a highly effective anti ageing product and helps in the treatment of acne. Retinol is a milder retinoid. It comes in a variety of strengths also, the most common being 0.5% and 1%. It has similar properties to Tretinoin but with fewer side effects.

Who should use Retinol?

The answer is, most people over the age of about 25 could possibly benefit from some sort of retinoid in their skin care regimen. The main properties of Retinol are that is can increase cell turn over, thus bringing new skin cells to the surface more quickly and in a more resilient manner. By speeding up cell turnover and exfoliation along with reduced sebum product, retinoids can be a useful acne treatment. They are an effective anti-aging treatment and give smoother more radiant skin. Pigmentation can also be reduced along with fine lines, which are minimised due to increased collagen production.

How should I use Retinol?

Retinol can cause unwanted side effects if introduced too quickly to you skin care regimen. Possible side effects are dryness, peeling and sore itchy skin. These side effects can be reduced by starting to use your retinol skin care only once or twice a week. After a few weeks retinol can be increased to every other day or every day if tolerated. Retinol should be applied to clean dry skin in the evening after cleansing. It is possible that UV light cab break down retinol so it is advised that retinol is used at night.

What precautions do I need to take?

Retinol face creams will increase cell turnover in your skin. This means that the old skin cells on the surface, will be exfoliated and new young skin cells will become visible. These new skin cells are very sensitive and must be protected from UV light. It is important to practice sun avoidance and wear an SPF of 30-50 when using retinol. The use of retinoids is also not recommended in pregnancy or while breast feeding.

What do I do next?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of skin care including retinol containing products, then please contact Rachel on the number below or use the CONTACT US form HERE

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