Ear Lobe Dermal Filler Treatment Before and After

Ear lobe filler treatment
Ear Lobe Filler Treatment
Ear Lobe Dermal Filler Treatment

Ear lobe dermal filler treatment at Aesthetic Nursing Services, a nurse led aesthetic clinic in High Wycombe.

Did you know you can get dermal filler treatment for your ear lobes?

Some times as we age our ear lobes start to loose volume just like our faces. Maybe you have worn heavy earrings for a number of years and this has stretched the ear lobe.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be introduced to the ear lobe to give back fullness and provide support and structure to the area.

The treatment is very quick and simple. Some bruising and swelling might be noticeable for a few days after treatment. Treatment is long lasting with effect still visible many months after treatment.

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