NCTF 135 ha Eye Treatment

NCTF by Filmed.

NCTF 135ha by Filmed is an injectable skin booster. Most commonly used around the delicate eye area to treat crows feet and crepe skin. It helps hydrate the skin and provides a real boost to the areas with its cocktail of 12 amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
NCTF 135ha by Filmed
It is often injected with specialised crystal tipped needles. These allow the product to be injected at the optimum depth, superficially within the skin. The very shallow injections mean that bruising in this delicate area can often be avoided.

The treatment can be used as an alternative to Botox in this area. Normal movement of the facial muscles is not altered. The two treatments can be used together but in a new patient who has previously had neither of these treatments, I would space the treatments apart by 10-14 days. To be taken as a course of three treatments at 2 week intervals then a couple of treatments a month apart. Prices

NCTF 135ha by Filmed
NCTF 135ha by Filmed

start at £150 for one treatment. A discount can be applied to the course of three treatments.

NCTF 135ha by Filmed
NCTF before and after

Available at Aesthetic Nursing Services in High Wycombe.

Rachel is a Registered Nurse Prescribe rand offers private and friendly services.
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