Definisse Skin Peels and Skin Booster Deals

Definisse Skin Peels SALE! Was £65 now £45 !!

Definisse Skin Booster, Hydrobooster 2ml was £250 now £180.!!

The Definisse Peel Programme can be used to refine the skin’s texture gently and effectively with minimal down time.

Skin Peel
Definisse Skin Peel

Each peel is personally tailored to your own skin type and concerns. Each peel contains 3 types of acid to allow a synergistic effect. The synergistic effect allows for each ingredient to be at a lower concentration allowing for less damage to the skin layers and so promoting a faster recovery time.

The Definisse Peel program is a three step chemical peel.

Step 1. Pre Peel in either oily or dry depending upon your skin type. This cleanses and prepares the skin by removing oil and lowering the pH of the skin.

Step 2. Peel. Either classic or lightening depending upon your skin concern. The lightening peel contains 2 active ingredients to target skin pigmentation.

Step 3. Neutralising Buffer to return the skin back to its normal pH. SPF will then be applied.

The treatment is quick and down time is minimal. Some dryness maybe noticed for a day or two after the peel. You will then be left with a lovely glow. These peels are best taken as a course 2-6 taken 1-2 weeks apart. You will also receive advice on appropriate skin care to enhance the effect of the peels.

Skin booster

Peels are on offer at the moment along with Definisse Hydrobooster which is an injectable skin booster that can be used alongside the peels to maximise hydration in the skin. Hydrobooster is injected superficially in the skin. The skin booster contains hyaluronic acid and glycerol which when placed in the skin absorb multiple times their weight in water thus providing maximum hydration. On offer 2ml for £180 (was £250).


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Definisse before and after
Definisse skin peels before and after

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