Wrinkle relaxing and dermal fillers to frown lines

Frown rejuvenation

Wrinkle relaxing and dermal fillers to help rejuvenate frown lines.

This type of forehead line is what is known as a static line. It is ingrained into the skin and is there all the time  not just when we are frowning but at rest as well. These types of lines form over time and can be more tricky to treat.

In this case I first treated the area with Botox, waited 2 weeks for this treatment to fully take effect. I then reviewed the patient and gave her a small top up of product as there was still a little bit of movement left in her muscles. Botulinum Toxin A is a prescription only product that reduces the movement of muscles at the site of injection. It is available only on prescription, after a consultation with a medical prescriber.

After the top up had settled, I assessed again and decided that a small amount of dermal filler in this area would improve the result further. Great care must be taken when injecting this area with filler, as there are arteries lying under the skin here just where we need to inject. I used very small amounts of Teosyal RHA1 to gently fill the residual line.

See my YouTube video HERE showing a full wrinkle relaxing treatment

Further improvement can be achieved by repeating these treatments every few months. Also good skin care and other treatments such as medical micro needling would help the skin quality.

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