Testimonial and Review Video of Aesthetic Treatments


Thanks John, for a great review of your dermal filler treatment. John has visited Aesthetic Nursing Services regularly over several years. During this time he has had treatments such as wrinkle relaxing to address lines around the eye and forehead area. Skin boosters, such as Profhilo to hydrate the skin and target the skin on the face and neck. Also dermal fillers to temples and cheeks to replace volume that can be lost over time.

Thanks for highlighting the importance of doing your research before having any medical aesthetic treatments. These treatments are fantastic and very safe in the correct hands. However, please consider what you would do if something was to go wrong and you needed advice and perhaps further medical treatment to correct or treat a complication. Can the person who is injecting you treat an infection for example? Can they prescribe an antibiotic or steroid if needed, or would you end up trying to get an appointment with your extremely busy GP, who may not totally understand the treatment you have had and how this may require treatment.

I am a qualified nurse with a prescribing qualification. I have completed several courses on complications management. I am also a member of ACE (Aesthetic Complications Expert Group), a team of highly experienced medical experts who are on hand to provide advice to members if needed.

Also as a nurse I have to complete a certain number of hours of CPD each year to retain my registration. This ensures that my training is ongoing and up to date.




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