Temple Fillers

Dermal fillers to the temples is not a treatment often asked for by patients, as they are often unaware of the availability of the treatment or are unaware of the positive effects it may have on their appearance.

As we age the muscle and fat of the temporal region tend to waste away. Volume is lost in this area, and the temples can start to look increasingly concave and hollow.

dermal filler to temples

This can lead to what is sometimes referred to as the ‘peanut’ appearance. Often, other areas of the face have been treated with dermal fillers, such as the cheeks, and this increases the disparity between the mid face and the temples. This makes the temples look even more hollow. Dermal filler to the temples can improve the flow between the cheeks and temple region, giving a more harmonious aesthetic.

dermal fillers to the temples

If you believe you maybe suffering from the ‘Peanut Effect” then don’t worry! Dermal fillers in this area are an effective way to solve this issue.

Dermal fillers such as Revanesse, can be placed deep in the temporal hollow to effectively plump out this area.

Patients often say after dermal fillers to the temples, they feel they look more awake. There is often a lifting of the tail of the eyebrow, which before treatment has fallen out of view almost in the temporal hollow.

The treatment must be carried out by a medical professional who has undergone specialist training in this area. After treatment there may possibly be some bruising and some pain on opening the mouth or chewing food for a couple of days. Results are visible at the time of treatment but do improve over the subsequent weeks as the filler settles.

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