Sculptra Collagen Stimulator


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By the age of 45, up to 25% of our collagen is lost. This can lead to our skin loosing elasticity and firmness. We will experience dull, sagging skin, with increased volume loss in our faces

Sculptra before and after
Before and after

Sculptra stimulates the skin’s own collagen production, to gradually restore the firmness of the skin, achieving natural looking results that last for more than 2 years.

Sculptra is an injectable collagen biostimulator containing microparticles of biocompatible poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). It is injected into the skin via either a sharp needle or blunt tipped cannula. The microparticles of poly-L-lactic acid recruit fibroblasts into the area. These fibroblasts start work depositing collagen, which helps reinforce the skin’s inner structure.

The result is a gradual improvement in skin quality, elasticity, radiance and smoothness.

Sculptra packTreatments are taken 6-8 weeks apart to allow for the gradual effects of the treatment to develop. The majority of the treatment will be done with a blunt tipped cannula, meaning that bruising from the treatment is kept to a minimum. Local anaesthetic is added to the Sculptra before treatment, meaning the treatment is well tolerated and comfortable.

After treatment, the area must be massaged several times a day for 5 days. This allows the product to be evenly spread throughout the treatment area. It also helps stimulate the fibroblasts to spring into action and start producing their collagen fibres.

Areas such as the tear trough and peri-oral area can not be treated with Sculptra. These areas can still be treated with conventional hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and toxin.

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