New Lip Filler Review

Treatment Review

Here’s a lovely review from on of my patients regarding her lip filler augmentation treatment.

Reviews mean a lot to me personally and are fantastic for my business too. My main focus is to provide safe and effective aesthetic treatments in a non-pressurised and relaxed atmosphere. I’m not one for the hard sell, which means that I will never recommend a treatment that I don’t believe will be beneficial for you. It’s just me here, so you always get to see the same injector and I am always at the end of the phone for questions or advices about your treatment.

I am a registered nurse prescriber. This means that I can be found on the Nursing and Midwifery Council website, showing my credentials for you to check out. As a nurse I must abide by the ‘Code’, which is a list of principals that must be upheld in order to stay on the register. This means that I am accountable for my actions as a nurse and that your health and well being is a the centre of my actions as a nurse. I must revalidate every 3 years to stay on this register. To do this I must complete a certain number of hours training each year and undertake a revalidation interview with one of my peers.

Products that I use are of the highest quality. My 3 favourite products for lip augmentation are Restylane Kysse, Revanesse Kiss and Teosyal RHA Kiss.

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