Another Lovely Review

Treatment review

Thanks Sam for your lovely review of your aesthetic treatments.

As an aesthetic nurse and business owner, positive reviews of my business are hugely appreciated. I am an experienced aesthetic nurse, based in High Wycombe in Bucks.

I have my own private aesthetic clinic, situated in a convenient location.

I offer a variety of aesthetic treatments including wrinkle relaxing and dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can be used for subtle, natural lip enhancement, or to replace lost volume, giving a lifting and anti ageing effect.

I also offer a range of skin boosters including Profhilo. These are injectable treatments for the skin, giving a huge boost of moisture.

Collagen boosters such as Sculptra are also an excellent way of giving a natural result. Boosting collagen and giving firmness back to skin.

A variety of skin peels can also be tailored to every skin type and budget.

I can provide a full consultation before any treatment allowing you to make an informed decision on any aesthetic treatment you maybe interested in

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on the number below or use my contact form link below


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