Definisse Skin Booster only £180 for 2ml

Definisse Hydrobooster skin booster

Definisse Hydrobooster skin booster for only £180 for full face 2ml treatment.

Definisse Hydrobooster is a skin booster treatment containing Hyaluronic acid and Glycerol. Both ingredients are powerful absorbers of water, bringing hydration to the skin. It is injected superficially in the skin and

Skin Peel
Definisse Skin Peel

is a fantastic treatment for dull dehydrated skin which we can all suffer from at this time of the year.

Combine this treatment with Definisse skin peels for a synergistic effect. These superficial skin peels will exfoliate away the dry skin, leaving a smooth glowing complexion. Designed to give little down time and can be taken as a course of treatments. Available at £45 at the moment.

Call Rachel on 07967710625 for more information or to book for the New Year!


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