Cheek Filler and Lip Augmentation

Cheek Filler and Lip Augmentation

Here are before and after images of a dermal filler treatment to enhance an already beautiful face. Cheek filler and lip augmentation and a little filler to jaw line. Keeping it very natural.

I carry out all dermal filler treatments at my clinic in High Wycombe. I only use high quality products, here I used Revanesse and Restylane for the lips. Both products are hyaluronic acid base dermal fillers and contain a local anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. Much of the treatment is carried out with a cannula, which is blunt ended. This makes the treatment more comfortable, safer and reduces the possibility of bruising.

You can now request a nerve block for lip filler treatments. This consists of small injections inside the mouth to numb the lip before the procedure, making the treatment painless.

I am a qualified nurse and take all precautions to allow for a safe and comfortable treatment.

I always aim for a natural result. I won’t give you a huge chin or manly jaw line, just you, but a little better.

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Check out my FIVE STAR Google and reviews. I take my patients safety and well being very seriously.

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