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Wrinkle relaxing injections are a safe and quick was to soften wrinkles around the eye and forehead area. The treatment consists of tiny little injections into the muscles of the face. Botox treatment temporarily weakens the muscles that we use to frown or wrinkle up our eyes when we smile. This in turn reduces the lines and wrinkles in these areas.

These treatments are incredibly safe and effective. There is virtually no down time and most people return to their usual daily activities straight after treatment. The most common side effects are a tiny bump, pin prick mark at the injection site. If you are unlucky you may go away with a small bruise, but more often than not, this doesn’t happen. Some people report a headache after treatment but conversely some people report that this treatment helps with tension head aches.

Other side effects that you should be aware of are the potential for puffiness around the eyes. This rarely happens but is more common in people who generally suffer with puffy eyes or have sinus issues or allergies. Also if you are going through an emotional period in your life and are crying a lot, then best wait until you are feeling better before having treatment around your eyes.

Another side effect of Botox treatment, could be what is called a brow droop or an eyelid droop. This is where the muscles of the forehead become weakened and can no longer work to hold your eyebrows in position. A lid droop occurs because the product as been injected too deeply around the eyes and has moved into an area that shouldn’t be treated. Brow droops can be avoided by going to an experienced injector, who will be able to tell you if you are potentially at risk of this side effect. Eye lid droops are rare and can be helped with prescription eye drop that strengthen the weakened muscles. Check if your injector is a prescriber, if they are not then you maybe left high and dry with no treatment for this issue.

There are very few contraindications to Botox treatment. One definite contraindication is pregnancy and breast feeding. If you are contemplating becoming pregnant then you may want to discuss this with your injector before having treatment. Very few medications and medical conditions may mean you are not suitable for treatment and these should be discussed at your medical consultation with your prescriber.

Products used will be Azzalure, Botox, Bocouture and Letybo

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