Nose filler Treatment

Nose filler

Nose filler or liquid rhinoplasty is fast becoming one of our most popular treatments. The picture here shows a before and after image after treatment of the nose, cheeks and lips with Revanesse dermal filler.

The main points to a beautiful nose profile for a female are:

  1. A nose to philtrum angle of around 110*. The before image shows this angle at around 90*. Whilst this is the preference for a male, the female nose is most beautiful at a wider angle. By carefully placing dermal filler at the base of the nose, this angle has been obtained.
  2. A straight dorsum. The before image shows a slight dorsal hump which has been straightened after treatment. This is achieved by placing dermal filler just above and below the dorsal hump.
  3. A non drooping tip. Often the tip of the nose can droop slightly. A female nose is most prettiest with a straight or up turned tip. Here, a slight droopy tip was lifted using a tiny amount of carefully placed dermal filler.

The after picture also shows a lift to the mid face that has been achieved by treating the cheeks. The lips have also had treatment with dermal filler, further improving the profile.

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