Cheek Filler Treatment Before and After

Dermal Cheek Filler Treatment

Such a lovely natural result here, using just 2 syringes of Revanesse dermal filler to the cheek area. The dermal filler has given her a more youthful middle third of her face. We haven’t treated her tear troughs but you can see the improvement to the area under her eyes just with a dermal cheek filler treatment.

My patient did also have Botox treatment to 2 areas of her face as well. You can see the results of this around her eyes and between her brows. There is also a subtle raise in her eye brows which opens up her eyes nicely.

Fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections can give lovely natural results when used in the correct way, with a light touch. They have minimal down time as you can see as the after picture were taken directly after treatment.

Here is a VIDEO of a full face dermal filler treatment being carried out by myself.

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